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Where can I buy the Agtek Software?


Agtek Trainer is not in the software sales business.  All Agtek software can be bought directly from Agtek. Please contact Agtek to get in touch with your local sales rep.  Agtek is amazing software, in our opinion it is the absolute best earthwork takeoff and modeling software available on the market today.



Phone: 1-800-441-1140

396 Earhart Way, Livermore, CA 94551



Do you offer one on one or seminar group training?


Agtek Trainer does not offer any on-site training, one on one training, or training seminars.  All of our training packages are made up of video online courses that you can complete at your own pace, in your own timeframe.


If you are interested in scheduling a training class, contact Earthwork Software Services.  Owner Michael Cope is an Official Agtek Endorsed Trainer and they hold training seminars all over the United States year round.  We have attended several seminars, and highly recommend Earthwork Software Services for an in Person 1 or 2 day training seminar.



Phone: 1-888-682-4842

3440 Lismore, Conyers, GA 30012 USA


Why are your online training courses based on a yearly subscription?


Agtek Trainer Online training courses are basically groups of Bundled Video Training content that you will have access to anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your yearly subscription.  You can follow the training course from start to finish, or you can hop around and search specific topics that you want to learn about.  Your yearly subscription gives you access to the purchased bundle of training videos for 1 whole year.

Do you offer Support for Agtek Software if we have problems?


Agtek Trainer does not offer Support for Agtek's Software Programs.  We recommend that when you purchase your Agtek Software you pay for the Yearly Support through Agtek.  With it comes access to all of the software updates as they are released.  File support, and your initial web training.  If you ever have any problem with corrupted data or crashes, Agtek support is just a phone call away.  Their support staff is very knowledgable and helpful should you have any problems or get stuck.



Phone: 1-800-441-1140

396 Earhart Way, Livermore, CA 94551

Why do I need your Online Training Videos?  Agtek provides me with my initial web training when I buy their software, and I get access to their training videos when I pay for Agtek Support.


Correct Agtek does provide you with initial web training when you first buy their software, and yes you can watch Agteks training videos online when you pay for yearly Agtek Support.  However what usually happens is you buy the software get trained and start doing takeoffs and landing jobs.  You get plenty of work so you slow the bidding down and start working on the projects that you have.  Now here you are 3 to 6 months later and you need to start ramping up your bidding again.  Except for one thing, How do I import a pdf again?  Why isnt my snap feature working?  How do you enter a profile grade again I forgot?

What happems is basically if you dont use it you lose it.  Or your Takeoff Technician or Estimator that just spent a year doing takeoffs and bidding jobs for you decides he is going to go to work for someone else, and now you have to find someone and get them on board and up to speed in 2 weeks.  

Agtek Trainer covers the in between time, Our videos are also more job specific types of scenario vs. just basic how to start a job in Agtek.  Or what mode to enter data lines in.  We are providing you with multiple scenarios and ways to do things better and faster.  So that when you get that tough takeoff in front of you. You have alot of tools in your toolbox and you will know just what to do, and just how to tackle that takeoff. 

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